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To Run Longer and Faster (and become injury resistant), you must get stronger.  Consistent strength training is the missing ingredient.



“Full body strength work accomplishes three goals for runners: it makes runners injury resistant by strengthening muscles and connective tissues; it increases running speed by boosting muscular coordination, strength, and power; and it create an more economical runner by maximizing the transfer of power through the core.”


The greatest challenge for runners is stability and longevity.  While runners prioritize running (getting those miles in), they rarely focus on the quality of the miles. Stronger and Faster has offered strength training for runners and triathletes since 2013 and offering virtual strength classes since 2019. For as little as 30 minutes 2x per week (the time to watch the average sitcom), will yield amazing results in distance and speed.


The SAF programs focus on improving movements patterns that are required for economical running.  Each week in the 12 week cycle challenges your body with the modalities of reps, time, and isometric movements.


Strength training is an investment in your running that will lead to benefits down the road.  SAF Training begins April 1, 2022. Virtual training with SAF is only $50 for 12 weeks of workouts. 

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About Stronger and Faster Durham


Since 2013, Stronger and Faster's strength training for runner’s program has helped hundreds of runners remain injury free during their race season, along with providing insight and strategy for their overall lives.  The SAF virtual program includes all the benefits of the original live S.A.F. program sent remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the philosophy of Stronger and Faster Durham?


The philosophy of Virtual Stronger and Faster is to train the body from the back to the front.  Our programs are very glute, hamstring, and back dominant.  Each training session focuses on the hinge, pull, and loaded carry movements- the primary movements for stabilizing and improving running mechanics.  90% of the movements in the program are compound movements, meaning we use multiple muscles at the same time for an exercise. 


Click here to read our article "The Absolutes of Strength" by Tyrone Irby, owner of Stronger and Faster Durham


How does the virtual training from Stronger and Faster work?

We post the weekly workout on Tuesday evening on our Facebook SAF group page (Cry Uncle-2022 Spring SAF).  The workout will be available in a pdf format. We are also able to email the workout in a pdf file.


Is the Stronger and Faster program for beginners or advanced?

The S.A.F. program is suitable for both beginners and the advanced.  Each training program can be regressed (easier) or progressed (harder).  We use the modalities of reps, time, and supersets-to creative both physically and mentally challenging workouts.  Each session builds on the previous session to increase the level of difficulty.  The virtual Stronger and Faster strength program is an affordable and priceless supplement to any runner’s regimen.


How long is the Stronger and Faster program?

The programs are set into 12 week increments and are available from April thru September. Each workout is between 18-36 minutes.


Where can I do the workout?

You can do the workout anywhere you feel comfortable.  In your home, a private training studio, the beach, the back yard, a commercial gym or wherever you like.


How many times should I do the workout?

We always recommend that you strength train in proportion to your running.  So if you run 2x per week, strength train 1x per week.  More than 2 days per week of running should be paired with 2 or more sessions of strength training.


What equipment do I need for the workouts?

The minimum you will need for the workouts are: a jump rope, a foam roller, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, and a 10/15lb weight plate.  You can substitute a medicine ball for the weight plate.


Are the workouts different or the same every week?

Each week the workouts change.  Some workouts are rep based, some are time based and some are a combination of both. 


How long are the Stronger and Faster workouts?

The workouts range from 16 minutes to 36 minutes.  They are fast paces with very limited recovery time.


What happens if there is an exercise I am not familiar with?

We have a video library on our Facebook page that you can refer to. If the movement is not in the library, send us an email and we will send one to you.

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