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The George Linney Mortgage Team is driven to make home ownership possible for residents across the Carolinas. Their business is centered in our very own Bull City where George Linney has raised his family for the last two decades. He works for CIMG Residential Mortgage, headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC. George was previously pastor of the Tobacco Trail Church, Marketing Director at Fleet Feet Sports and has worked for various non-profits and schools.


The history of lending in America has been stacked against people of color dating back to a time in the first half of the 20th century where lending and financing a home was next to impossible for non-whites. George’s team is committed to opportunity and access for all. They prioritize creating a lending space for their customers that is positive, professional and they are continually committed to practicing radical generosity. The horror around MAUD 2.23 and Ahmaud  Arbery’s lynching in 2020 reminds that it is a long road to justice, but it starts with the next honest and courageous conversation with someone a little different or a lot different than you. George is inspired by the deep commitment of the Together We Stand movement, the Unity Runs last Summer, and he is thrilled to partner with this community coming into their next season of work for equality. Consider joining their MAUD 2.23 team at Ponysaurus on Thursday, 2/23/23.


You can learn more about the George Linney Mortgage Team at:  

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