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Miriam "Mimi" Melvin
Mollie Caragol

Who is ready to run stronger and run faster?  6 Minute Strength is HERE!


Stronger Runners-Run Faster 6 Minute Strength is designed specifically for runners and triathletes.  The focus of the workouts are stability, strength, and power using a series of compound full body movements.  Each 6-minute workout is rep-based, time-based, or a combination of both reps and time.


Thanks Mollie and Mimi for putting in the work for Dirty Thirty.  Try it out and let us know how you like the workout.


Follow us @strongerandfasterdurham for this new and exciting complement for your running.  Join Mollie (runmc64) and Mimi (GetFitwithMi22) every other Wednesday at noon for the 6 Minute Strength workouts.


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