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By Tyrone Irby, Owner of The Choice Performance Center


The following is the Top Definition for “Leg Day” in the Urban Dictionary:

“The worst day of the week sucks because you would rather be hitting arms, or shoulders, or chest, or even back, but you are stuck working the part of your body that shows the least; usually involves a large amount of walking around, stalling, and hype. If you skip leg day, you will be deemed a b&8^% and be called such from then on out. Best pump, but usually involves the most work.”


The two words “Leg Day” will either spark dread or excitement depending on whether you embrace the concept of dedicating one full gym session to just the lower body.  Everyone has their own version of leg day.  But what exercises are the best overall and in combinations remains to be seen.

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The 4 ABSOLUTES of Strength Training


By Tyrone T. Irby, The Choice Performance Center


If you ask 10 gym goers the absolutes of their strength training, you will likely receive 10 different responses.  From professional strength coaches to personal trainers to your next- door neighbor, everyone has an opinion on the best exercises, the best program, the best gym, and of course the best trainer. 


At Choice Performance, we, of course have our own set of 4 ABSOLUTES.


Our 4 absolutes are designed to prepare a progressive training program to enhance athletic movement regarding stability, strength, and speed while reducing the risk of injury.  Here are our 4 absolutes of strength training.

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INTENSITY- The key to hitting your performance goals!


By Tyrone T. Irby, The Choice Performance Center


Adding intensity to your workout is the key to reaching your fitness/performance goals.  Limiting your rest and/or recovery and challenging yourself, eliminates wasted time and provides a metabolism boost, while improving conditioning.  Boxer training is a great example of an intense training session, as boxers have to be able to perform with strength and intensity for 3 minutes at a time for up to 12 rounds, with only 2 minutes to recover.  Runners and Triathletes should train the same way, with purpose and intensity. A fast paced, organized gym routine can not only save you time (and money) but can also take your fitness level beyond your imagination.  Here are a couple of examples of “intense training methods.”

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