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Services- The Choice Performance Center


The Choice Performance Center is a full-service personal training and small group training business. The C.P.C. opened in 2015 following the founding of Choice Fitness and Sports Performance in 2007.


Whether your goals are weight loss, improved body composition, or sports performance, the Choice Performance Center is your facility to help you achieve your goals.  In designing the studio, the concept was to build a machine free functional training facility that would fit for one-on-one training, along with a medium size group class.


One-on-One Training

We design a customized training program for your goals.  There are no cookie cutter workouts!  We have created a proprietary series of training programs that are designed with you in mind.  Whether you are an experienced lifter, or new to strength training, our programs are designed to improve movements, body composition, and improve your ADLs (activities of daily living).  Our short sessions (30 minutes) are designed to maximize your time in the studio and create the changes you seek.  Our one-on-one training also provides you with an at home workout to add value to your training programs.  Training starts at $40 per 30-minute session.


Small Group Training

Do you like to train with a partner?  No problem.  Our studio is designed to accommodate 2-4 clients at a time for small group training.  Since our studio has primarily portable resistance equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc.), we can create a great training session to achieve results for individuals or small groups.  Training starts at $20 per person per session.


Strength Program Design

Are you a member of a gym and struggle with designing your weekly training program?  We can design an effective training program for your home, gym, or even on the road.  This keeps you on track to achieve your goals without worrying about what to do to get the best effects.  Our program designs are for 90 days per program and starts at $99 per program.


Stronger and Faster Runner Specific Strength Training Classes

Stronger Runners, Run Faster.

Runners run.  Strength training is an afterthought for most runners.  The Stronger and Faster periodized strength training program for runners takes the guess work out of adding strength to your running program.  Our program follows the professional periodized strength continuum of both collegiate and professional athletics.  Periodization is a system of training used to prevent overtraining and reduce the risk of injury by progressing slowly from one phase to the next. You start by using light weight (or just your body weight) and performing more reps; and you gradually progress to heavier weight and fewer reps.


The S.A.F. runner’s strength program is broken down into three distinct phases, which complements your running schedule.  The phases are off-season/recovery, pre-season, and in-season training.  Classes are $115 for 12 weeks of training.


Contact Strength Coach Tyrone Irby at to get started.  Visit us at www.strongerandfasterdurham or on Facebook and Instagram at Stronger and Faster Durham.

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