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“Adding one session of targeted strength training to the daily running regimen will provide quick and effective results."-Tyrone Irby, Stronger and Faster Durham


Runners have heard it time and time again, from Runner’s World Magazine to running coaches, that they should find time to incorporate strength training into their weekly running schedule.  Strength for runners has numerous benefits.  A strong runner can manage the repetitive impact of long miles while staying injury resistant. Strength is the component that allows you to strength muscles, ligaments, and tendons which allows you to run more economically and efficiently.


Here are 4 things we recommend

Define Your Goals: All runners have running goals so it’s important to define your strength goals as well.  What does “Strong” mean to you?

Make Your Weaknesses A Strength: If you are injury prone or are not hitting your speed or endurance goals, it’s likely you have a glaring weakness.  Work on changing that weakness into a strength. Many runners have weak hips and are quad dominant which can lead to a myriad of injuries.

Focus on Improving Movement Patterns: A good strength program focuses on movements, not muscles.  Improving compound movements is a key to gaining functional strength.

Work the Core!: Core work is more that just sit-ups.  Work your core in the way you run, upright.  Focus on full body movements that keep your core engaged.


The SAF Strength Program Design option is one of the most effective and economical ways to train with us.


Our experienced coaches will work with you to design an effective strength program regardless of your strength training experience.  All our programs focus on improving the movement patterns of push, pull, squat, hinge, loaded carry, and rotation.  These are the six human movements and are essential to improving ADL’s (activities of Daily Living) and sports performance.


Your goals are our goals.  After we perform a movement assessment, we can get your started.


Our programs are designed with the equipment that is available to you and that you are familiar with.  Our programs use body weight, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and other tools of strength.  Our Durham training facility is one of the most well equipped in the state.


All programs are supported with training notes and short videos.


Benefits of SAF Strength Program Design

Work at your own pace

Work at your own time

All programs can be progressed or regressed

The workouts average only 30 minutes per session


The Strength Program Design option is only $99 for 90 days.  You will receive the following

A Free Strength and Movement Assessment

2 Customized Workouts every month (a total of 6 workouts per package)

A Primease Tri-Blend Stronger and Faster tee


The next season begins November 1, 2022.  Sign Up Today!

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