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Stronger Runners, Run Faster.


Runners run.  Strength training is an afterthought for most runners.  The Stronger and Faster periodized strength training program for runners takes the guess work out of adding strength to your running program.  Our program follows the professional periodized strength continuum of both collegiate and professional athletics.  Periodization is a system of training used to prevent overtraining and reduce the risk of injury by progressing slowly from one phase to the next. You start by using light weight (or just your body weight) and performing more reps; and you gradually progress to heavier weight and fewer reps.


The S.A.F. runner’s strength program is broken down into three distinct phases, which complements your running schedule.  The phases are off-season/recovery, pre-season, and in-season training.


Off Season training

After a long season, the off-season training program is an opportunity to begin fundamental strength training, along with working on fixing muscle imbalances.  Most injuries to runners occur from muscle imbalances.  Imbalances will contribute to faulty movement patterns, which in turn can lead to injury.  The miles and miles added during your training season likely have attributed to several imbalances.  The off-season is the opportunity to acknowledge them and work to fix them.


Our off-season training is stability based with additional movement instruction.  We focus on single leg balance and strength movements along with introducing proper movement pattern training for the six functional human movements of push, pull, squat, hinge, loaded carry, and rotation.  Ideally, our off-season training is comprised of two full sessions per week.


Pre- Season Training

While the off-season training helps recovery from a long season and begins to build your foundational strength, the pre-season is the opportunity to begin to build both strength and endurance.  Pre-season strength is designed to assist in building your running strength and endurance. 


Our pre-season training includes both stability and strength training with a focus on compound movements (movements that use more than one muscle group).  Compound movements are the basis for our pre-season training.  As running is a compound movement, we strength train the same way.  Building full body strength is the most economical and efficient way to train.  Ideally your pre-season  training is comprised of two full sessions per week.


In-Season Training

Our in-season training module tracks your increased mileage by building on the previous two phases of training, while increasing muscular endurance and power.  With increased muscular endurance and power, running speed will increase. The goal of the in-season training is not only to continue, but also to build strength and supplement your running training with increased strength and power production.


With your increased mileage leading to your racing events, ideally your in-season training is one full session per week, along with a short hip/glute workout once per week.


The Stronger and Faster runner specific strength program, since 2013, has proven to be the most effective strength program for recreational/professional runners in the area.  Our runners remain injury resistant, compete in their training season, and routinely establish PR’s. The program evolves yearly with new exercises and new training styles.  Our goal for all our runners is to develop great habits for both running and strength training.  Our runners approach their racing events with great confidence in their strength, which allows them to utilize and maximize their running ability.


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Stronger Runners, Run Faster.

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