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​"I started training with Tyrone about a year and a half ago, and it has been life changing for me. When I first started I was about two years out from having my 2nd baby. I still hadn't quite lost all the weight I put on during pregnancy, and it had been quite some time since I'd done any exercise more strenuous than jogging. I loved the training sessions with Tyrone from the start (challenging as they were!) and felt a big difference right away, both physically and mentally. I have continued to work out twice a week in one-on-one sessions with Tyrone ever since, and the routine, accountability, and support the sessions and Tyrone provide for me are absolutely vital to my week. I own my own business and have a busy travel schedule— Tyrone has been amazing at teaching me how to incorporate workouts while on the road by sending me custom workouts depending on where I'll be. A hotel room, a small gym, a track, a beach, you name it, he made sure I didn't miss a beat. I lost about 15 pounds in the first several months working with Tyrone and felt better than I had in years. I then became pregnant with my 3rd baby and continued with my one-on-one sessions throughout the whole pregnancy. My labor/delivery and recovery were the smoothest and quickest yet, and I am 100% sure my training with Tyrone is the reason. I am so very grateful for Tyrone's expertise and continuous support and highly recommend Stronger & Faster for anyone looking to feel stronger, better, faster, happier, leaner, and more energized!" Abby Case Fitzgerald



"Training with Tyrone Irby at Stronger and Faster Durham/The Choice Performance Center has become an essential part of my weekly training program. After a hamstring injury last fall, I was not progressing as I liked and enlisted Stronger and Faster to add to my existing PT and triathlon training. My performance and endurance has increased remarkably. I have also been a half marathoner for many years I am running my first full marathon this fall (Nov. 2018). Tyrone has put together a customized training program for me for that race, and he is also going to be key to my training for a spring 2019 Ironman 70.3. I highly recommend The Choice Performance Center for any athlete, regardless of current ability, or age. You will become Stronger and Faster!" Craig Helms.


"We were so lucky to find Tyrone Irby. My son was running cross country and his PR was 19:42. We decided to meet with Tyrone and work on any weaknesses Jay may have -preparing for the season ahead. Tyrone did an assessment and identified some areas that Jay needed to work on as far as core, quads and hamstrings. Jay’s first race of the season he took 2 min 10 seconds off his PR. He has come in second in the City Championships and ran a 16:28 5k just last week. Jay is getting ready for his conference championship meet this Friday. He has been confident and strong. Seemed to really come together with the core workouts. Next Tyrone will be working with Jay for swim season! Can’t recommend enough - really made a difference!" Lisa Syvertson

"Last summer I started training at Stronger and Faster Durham, and I'm so glad I did. It's always been difficult for me to do weight training and get stronger, but one-on-one sessions with Tyrone T. Irby helped break down the exercises so I had the proper form and engaged the right muscles. Because of this foundation, I have finally been able to make real progress in strength training.  I also take weekly group classes that are geared toward runners. I'm regularly pushed to my limit only to discover I can go farther than I thought possible. Although these classes are always challenging, Tyrone keeps the atmosphere fun with different workouts each week—not to mention fresh coffee at the end!" Nicole Duncan

"I've been training with Stronger & Faster Durham for about two years now to improve my running. When I first started, Tyrone T. Irby evaluated my strength and quickly targeted areas I was week, such as my glutes, and put together a training plan to help me address those issues. Over the time I've been working with him, he's refined what we're doing base on what phase of training I'm in for my races. Training with Tyrone has been one of the keys to improving my race times and recently meeting my long term goal, qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

I train with Strong & Faster Durham twice a week, participating in one of the group classes as well as doing a one-on-one session with Tyrone. The workouts are challenging, but they have paid off. It has also been a lot of fun, particularly working out with others in the group classes!" Joshua Lowry

"I've been training with Tyrone T. Irby for almost a year now! I love the focus on increasing strength and functionality for runners. The work outs are tough but fun. I survived "The Legendary Mongoose"! I have definitely noted increased strength in my lower extremities and glutes. My body is more toned. I like group training and have enjoyed meeting like-minded runners. I am also very appreciative of Tyrone's support of the Durham community and local charities. Tyrone also initiated The Functional Strength Clinic Series which brings in local business owner who educate on the benefits of massage, yoga, physical therapy and chiropractic care. I've attended a session and it was very informative and benefitted a great cause." Tanya Helms

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