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"Stronger Faster Durham has played a pivotal role in the pursuit of not only my running goals, but also in terms of building a solid foundation of strength and functional fitness on which to build for years to come as I seek to improve and prolong my health span. My workouts with Stronger Faster Durham are now essential components of my fitness regimen. I've become stronger overall, and a stronger, faster, and largely injury free runner as well. 


Tyrone combines the right balance of support, challenge, motivation, and balance in his approach to working with his clients. I value the progression I've made since working with Tyrone; I'm in a much better place now than I was when I started training with him initially. I consider my workouts with Stronger Faster Durham a key investment in my physical and mental health, as well as my overall daily performance and quality of life. I encourage everyone interested in giving Stronger Faster Durham a try to do so; you won't regret it"! Tonya S.

I've been training with Tyrone at Stronger and Faster since 2017. In the past seven years, I have completely transformed my physical and mental health: I have gained more strength than I ever thought would be possible for me, and am able to squat, deadlift, push, and pull far more than my bodyweight. Even more importantly, though, the challenge of the workouts keeps me mentally healthy and resilient: they teach me continually that I am capable of doing hard things. Strength training has changed the way I move through the world, keeps me eager to work on my health, and helps me find strength to keep going on tough days. I recommend Stronger and Faster to anyone who likes a challenge and is looking to be their strongest self, physically and mentally.- Kirsten O.

When it comes to strength training, I have given myself so many excuses over the years as to why I couldn't do certain tasks (like jumping rope, squats, planks, push ups, to name a few).  I remember the first time Tyrone came to one of our Fleet Feet training runs and did a "warm-up" in the parking lot and I couldn't bring myself to attempt any of it.  I was too embarrassed & didn't think I could do the tasks at hand.  Tyrone saw something in me that I wasn't seeing.  He gave me a chance, gave me a little nudge & didn't let me give up or say "I can't".  I have only been running for 3 years now, and have been working out with Tyrone for about 4 months, but already my running has shown improvement in my endurance.  I now say I CAN.  It may take me a few times (or 10) to remember the moves, but he has been patient, and has encouraged me to keep trying.  I love the concept of "Stronger Together" found at Stronger and Faster Durham.  I feel that - I feel stronger. 


~Heather R

"I started working with Tyrone a couple of years ago to enhance my marathon training and build up my whole body strength.  His training has helped me get qualified for the Boston Marathon and most recently build up my strength which helped me achieve my time goal for the Tokyo Marathon!"-Josh L.

"Stronger and Faster Durham's emphasis on injury prevention has been a game-changer for me. The tailored workouts not only boosted my strength and speed but also ensured that I stayed injury-free, making it the most effective and mindful fitness experience I've ever had."-Mary S.


"I’ve been training with Tyrone for 6 months. I’ve seen significant progress in my running. I used to dread strength training, but now I look forward to the group and one-on-one sessions. The sessions have helped me get stronger physically and mentally. After only a few months of training with Tyrone, I improved my half marathon and 5k race times. Now, I’m able to run a faster pace for a longer period of time and running up hills have become easier. Training with Tyrone is challenging yet rewarding."- Courtney W.

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