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The new Stronger and Faster Strength Lab opened December 7, 2021 in Kitt Creek Commons in Durham.  The previous location was less than one mile away at Kitt Creek Office Park.


The new facility is a 1000 square foot room with all equipment is utilized.  Our strength lab has:


2 Rogue Power Racks with Pullup Stations

Over 1000lbs of weight plates

3 Rogue Olympic Ohio Bars + Rogue Bella Bar

Rogue Dog Sled with 40’ of turf

TRX Strength Bags (20lb-40lb)

Rogue Cast Iron KB (9lb-52lb)

Battle Ropes

Two DB Power Racks (3lb-50lb)

Wall Ball

Slam Balls (10lb-30lb)

Two TRX Resistance Stations

Agility Ladders, Plyo Boxes, Jump Ropes, Ab Wheels, Agility Cones

Hex Bar with Portable Deadlift Platform


Sonos Music System and Coffee Station (with Brooklyn Roasting Coffee)

The Choice Performance Center (Stronger and Faster Durham)

Location: 5107 Highway 55, Suite 103 Durham, NC 27713 

(next door to Triangle Chiropractic)


Owner and Strength Coach: Tyrone Irby, NASM CPT, PES, CES


Cellular: (919) 384-5590


By Appointment Only:

M-T-Th-Fr 5am-1pm

W- 5am-6pm

Sa- 7am-12pm


Contact us to schedule your FREE Strength Assessment!

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