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The Choice Performance Center opened on December 7, 2015 inside the Kitt Creek Office Park in North Durham on Highway 55.  The studio was formerly the home of A+ Fitness Solutions from 2010-2015.  Choice Fitness founder Tyrone Irby was a part of the A+ Fitness team from 2010-2015.


“In redesigning the studio, the concept was to build a machine free functional training facility that would fit for multiple trainers, along with a medium size group class,” says owner Tyrone Irby.  After taking over the studio, Irby closed the doors for 7 days and replaced the carpet, added padded gym flooring, and repainted.  He ordered two new power racks from Rogue Fitness, one of the nation’s top-rated fitness manufacturers and worked with Raleigh’s US Fitness to furnish the facility.


The centerpieces of the Choice Performance Center are the set of 9’ Power Racks where you can perform pullups/chinups, squats, bench press, and even hook up a TRX strap.  Surrounding the racks are dual sets of hexagonal dumbbells (5lb-50lb), kettlebells (9lbs-52lb), a series of 10/15lb weight plates, Vulcan medicine balls and slam balls.


On the opposite side of the studio are Rogue and Titan plyometric boxes, a handmade Olympic lifting station, Rogue barbells, Titan Fitness Rickshaw, and a Strencor Hex Deadlift bar.  The adjourning closet houses a series of 6’ and 12” hurdles, Battle ropes ranging from 21lb-47lbs. and speed parachutes. Next to the plyo boxes sits the newest addition to the studio, the Rogue Dog Sled loaded with 90lbs of bumper plates.


“In the four years we have been open, we’ve done a lot with the facility.  We have hosted several fitness and strength clinics, our annual Barbell Squat Challenge Fundraiser, a wedding reception, and a karaoke party.  Our goal is simply to be one of the best training facilities in the area along with supporting our community.” Says Tyrone Irby


Contact Strength Coach Tyrone Irby at to get started. 




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