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Together We Stand NC was founded in June 2020 as a grassroots organization in response to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the growing prevalence of racism and anger permeating the country. 


We exist to create opportunities for relationship building and understanding.   We believe in the power of listening and speaking our truth.  Our goal is to identify and create brave spaces that foster authentic conversations leading to awareness and understanding among all races and genders.


Our team of “elevators” represents the diversity of our communities.  As ambassadors, they lead by example, with conviction and compassion.


Together, we know that change begins when we accept our obligation to treat each other with respect and empathy.


Together We Stand.  United We Rise.


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4 Brewery Leaders on Taking a Stand

How four TWS partners are using their business platforms to promote social justice.


Long before the explosion of craft brewing, beer taverns and alehouses were community hubs where patrons could gather for a casual drink and conversation. The same tradition holds true today. As natural gathering places, breweries are uniquely positioned to promote social causes and bring together people of different backgrounds. And in more recent years, many of these businesses have become vocal in supporting their communities and taking a stand against injustice.


Here, in their own words, Together We Stand's partner breweries share their thoughts on being an active agent for social change.



James Amato, Marketing Manager, Divine Barrel Brewing


“We have definitely shifted our business to where we are a lot more comfortable making a stand on issues, and it's been really great for us. I feel like a lot of businesses try to play it down the middle, but people are increasingly spending their money more conscientiously. It was a little scary at first to put ourselves out there, but the response we got was phenomenal. You’ll always get a couple people who say nasty things, but you don't want those people in your place of business anyway. So we found that leaning into this has been great, not just for [business but also for] our souls to be able to say how we feel and to stand for what we want to stand for.”


Rachael Hudson, Co-Owner & Head Brewer Pilot Brewing Co.


“We've always been big about speaking up for what's right and doing the right thing. As a small business, we really pride ourselves on being community-based. As someone who’s worked in this industry for a long time, there were definitely moments where you were expected to just bite your tongue for the greater good of the company. I really wanted to make sure that people who worked here didn't have to do that. We try to do things that give employees tools to speak up and really empower them to know that we don't take any crap, whether it's something ‘small’ like underhanded comments from customers or something like full-blown harassment.”



Razia GonzalezMarketing Strategist-Resident Culture Brewing Co.


“Together We Stand’s mission resonates with our brand because we truly believe in inviting folks to join us as they are. There’s nothing more beautiful than engaging with someone who is comfortable showing their truest self, and to get to meet and authentically share space with individuals from all walks of life, learning about their experiences, and what makes them unique.”



Suzie Ford, Founder & PresidentNoDa Brewing Company


“Early on, some groups wanted us to make a stand one way or another, and as a brand-new business, that scared the heck out of us. Fast-forward, and we've changed our stance. We want to make it known that we don't have tolerance for bad people. We don't have tolerance for racism. We don't have tolerance for hate. There's way too much bad in the world; we only have tolerance for good. We have a pretty big platform, so trying to help people who feel the same way we do is an absolute joy.”

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Charlotte @ NoDa Brewing,
Sunday, October 8 -
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Greensboro @ Fleet Feet Greensboro,

Sunday, October 15 - Sign up!


Fayetteville @ Fleet Feet Fayetteville,

Sunday, October 22 - Sign up!

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