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Together We Stand NC was founded in June 2020 as a grassroots organization in response to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the growing prevalence of racism and anger permeating the country. 


We exist to create opportunities for relationship building and understanding.   We believe in the power of listening and speaking our truth.  Our goal is to identify and create brave spaces that foster authentic conversations leading to awareness and understanding among all races and genders.


Our team of “elevators” represents the diversity of our communities.  As ambassadors, they lead by example, with conviction and compassion.


Together, we know that change begins when we accept our obligation to treat each other with respect and empathy.


Together We Stand.  United We Rise.


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Police brutality... Hate Crimes... Senseless acts of violence against African Americans in our country have become so commonplace that, once the spotlight is removed from one story in the media, we move on to the next, leaving a trail of forgotten victims behind.


"Say My Name" is an art experience aimed at remembering and honoring those whose lives were taken too soon. 


Come view this emotion filled art experience and other artwork by South Carolina artist Amanda Polito. You can learn more about Amanda and her work here:

Join us at Durham's Ponysaurus Brewing on Sunday June 4, 2023 between 2pm-5pm.  Admission is Free.

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Friends of Oberlin Village are hosting its 2nd Annual Oberlin Village Heritage 5K Run & Walk Juneteenth weekend Saturday, June 17th,  2023 at WakeMed Soccer Park. All event proceeds will support the Friends of Oberlin Village in raising public awareness and preserving Oberlin’s rich history, contributions, and achievements. Raleigh's Oberlin Village is one of the last known surviving free and freedmen's villages in the state of North Carolina that grew out of an antebellum Free Black settlement. 


The mission of the Friends of Oberlin Village is to preserve, protect, and honor the establishment of Oberlin Village through community awareness, outreach, and education. Friends of Oberlin Village is a non-profit volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization. Our love of history, education, and humanity has enabled our  steadfast group to elevate the preservation, recognition, and education of Oberlin Village locally and nationally. To learn more, please visit:


Along with our 5K Run and Walk, we will host both a Pop-Up Museum with agencies highlighting the history of Oberlin Village, a marketplace featuring Black-owned businesses and organizations, and community non-profits. There will be a Kid's Dash for children 8 and younger. 


To learn more, visit


Together We Stand NC
5107 Highway 55, Suite 103

Durham, North Carolina 27713


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