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2024 Stand Up-Maud 2.23


“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community.” Cesar Chavez.




It’s been almost 4 years since 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery laced up his running shoes and left his mother’s home in New Brunswick, Georgia never to return. 


Once the horrific and dehumanizing details surrounding his murder were finally revealed, millions of people of all races found themselves reckoning with this modern-day lynching. One hundred and fifty years, post Jim Crow, a young Black man, was chased, hunted, and killed in daylight because of the color of his skin.


We started Together We Stand in June 2020 as an antidote to the increasing and divisive acts of cowardice, fear, and ignorance. What originally began as a memorial run has evolved into multiple opportunities for unity and courageous conversations. These conversations shine a spotlight on how racism, hate, and ignorance erode all our lives.


Stand Up to Bigotry

Stand Up to Hate

Stand Up to Bullying


Stand Up for Equality

Stand Up for Equity


In 2024, Together We Stand NC will again host more than a dozen Stand Up events across North Carolina and the country from February 23-March 2, 2024.  Let’s ALL Stand Up for each other and OUR communities.

Stand Up begins Saturday February 23, 2024.

We invite you to join us for local Stand-Up events. Stand Up events will include Courageous Conversations and walk/run events during Stand Up week.  Let’s focus on building our communities.


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