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About The Virtual Stronger and Faster Program


Since 2013, Stronger and Faster strength training for runner’s program has helped over a hundred runners remain injury free during their race season, along with providing insight and strategy for their overall lives.  The virtual program includes all the benefits of the original S.A.F. program sent remotely.


Runners run a lot.  Strength training is not a priority for most runners until an injury occurs (which is likely during a long race season.)  Injuries typically occur from overtraining or muscle imbalances.  Every athlete has muscle imbalances.  Imbalances can occur because of prior injury, sedentary jobs, or body composition.  Regardless of how they occur, imbalances are a primary source of injury for runners.


The philosophy of Virtual Stronger and Faster is to train the body from the back to the front.  Our programs are very glute, hamstring, and back dominant.  Each training session focuses on the hinge, pull, and loaded carry movements- the primary movements for stabilizing and improving running mechanics.  98% of the movements in the program are compound movements, meaning we use multiple muscles at the same time for an exercise.


The S.A.F. program is suitable for both beginners and the advanced.  Each training program can be regressed (easier) or progressed (harder).  We use the modalities of reps, time, and supersets-to creative both physically and mentally challenging workouts.  Each session builds on the previous session to increase the level of difficulty.  The virtual Stronger and Faster strength program is an affordable and priceless supplement to any runner’s regimen.


Virtual Stronger and Faster re-launches Wed April 8, 2020.  Sign up today.  Click here to sign up!


Contact Strength Coach Tyrone Irby at with anuy questions. 

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