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Racial equity growth takes patience, per

Let’s Talk About Race


“Why is it so hard to have authentic conversations about race?”

“Is diversity in industry really a problem?”

“Why are we still having race conversations in 2020?”


If you find yourself asking these types of questions, you are not alone.  As our community continues to grow in awareness and activism against persistent racial inequities, it is more important than ever that we come together to be authentic. Starting in February 2021, we’re going to join you in conversation, and come to you virtually wherever you get your podcasts.


Join us for “Durham, Let’s Talk about Race,” a series of probing and authentic conversations between and for all races designed to educate and elevate racial awareness locally in Durham. This new conversation/podcast series will highlight local community members and businesses to explore how race affects their daily experiences in Durham. Conversation will focus on the different experiences that community members/businesses of different races have in everyday and professional life and will investigate how viewpoints of these experiences are affected by race and racism.


Of course, there is a lot to unpack. Why are certain industries devoid of diversity at the leadership level? How does race affect each industry differently? What are the dangers of viewing race through a racial monolith lens, and what set of diverse focal points should be considered instead? Join us in 30-minute conversations as we interview local leaders and community members, listen to their experiences, and dive deep with them to understand how race affects our individual and collective lives.


Authentic conversation can be uncomfortable, but more importantly it can be transformative. Come engage with us. We promise you’ll learn something new.

Join the conversation beginning February 8, 2021!

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