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For Immediate Release: Local Maud 2.23 event raises $4767.83 for Durham People’s Alliance 


March 3, 2021: On Tuesday, February 23rd,  346 runners participated in the Fleet Feet Durham Maud 2.23 virtual run and 73 in the virtual Stronger and Faster Durham Maud strength workout.  We welcomed participants from 21 states and 63 cities in the US (including 29 cities in North Carolina) and one in Canada, participating virtually. Maud 2.23 commemorated the murder of Ahmaud Arbery on February 23, 2020 in Brunswick, Georgia. 

The Maud 2.23 event raised $4767.83 for the Durham People’s Alliance, a local organization that is focused on improving and creating a just and equitable society in Durham. 

“We were surprised by not only the support of this event locally but also nationwide.  We are more than 500 miles away from Brunswick GA (the site of the death of Arbery) and we people from as far west as Marina del Rey, California and as far north as Boston, Massachusetts participated in the virtual events.  We even had one gentleman participate in Montreal, Quebec. 

The goal of Maud 2.23 was to create awareness of the indignities that are suffered daily by people of color.  Over 60 participants posted on their social media feeds on the 23rd with personal stories and messages relating to the date.  Arbery was the first in slew of incidents regarding people of color in 2020. It’s a shame that we have to commemorate his death, but it is necessary.  This will be an annual remembrance for Together We Stand NC.” says Together We Stand NC founder Tyrone Irby 

Together We Stand (TWS) NC is a Durham-based organization dedicated to the protest of social and racial injustices against people of color in America.  Founded in June 2020, TWS seeks to lend its voice to discussions of race relations in North Carolina through wearables, podcasts, and community events.  

As our community continues to grow in awareness and activism against persistent racial inequities, we must continue to come together to be authentic. On February 8 2021, TWS launched our podcast "Let’s Talk About Race," a series of probing and authentic conversations between community members to educate and elevate racial awareness locally in Durham and beyond.  The new podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.  Our goal is to build a network of like-minded businesses and individuals to create a more just and equitable system.


Remember Ahmaud Arbery.

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