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Our Coffee Bar featuring


When we opened the Choice Performance Center on December 7, 2015, we had already chosen our “house” coffee blend: Brooklyn Roasting Company.  Brooklyn, New York is the home- town of Choice owner Tyrone Irby and along with Brooklyn Brewery, he counts both companies as two of the best in America.


Every 60 days, we order our coffee fresh from the Brooklyn Roastery located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 123 that once housed the power plant for the entire facility.  The coffee arrives whole bean and is freshly ground daily for single cups to order or carafes for morning classes.  We are positive that we are the only training studio that offers the Brooklyn brand in North Carolina.  We only want the best for our clients.


Brooklyn Roasting features 28 types of fresh coffee beans.  We feature one style each week. Our favorites include Sumatra, Dark and Stormy, Burindi Gatare, Kenya, and Columbia.



About Brooklyn Roasting Company

The Brooklyn Roasting Company sources and serves superb and sustainable coffees from the world’s most renowned growing regions. We favor third-party-certified coffees in order to help guarantee a living wage for historically impoverished farmers. We celebrate the strong local character of Brooklyn and its rich coffee-roasting heritage.

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