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What is the Together We Stand- North Carolina Initiative?


Together We Stand NC is a grassroots movement inspired by the senseless violence against the Black American community in America.  Our vision is to create peaceful demonstrations to educate, communicate, and create awareness of racial injustice as it relates to Black lives in America.

For us, diversity means understanding that everyone is unique and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


"Diversity" means more than just acknowledging and/or tolerating difference. Diversity is a set of conscious practices that involve:

  • Understanding and appreciating interdependence of humanity, cultures, and the natural environment.

  • Practicing mutual respect for qualities and experiences that are different from our own.

  • Understanding that diversity includes not only ways of being but also ways of knowing.

  • Recognizing that personal, cultural, and institutionalized discrimination creates and sustains privileges for some while creating and sustaining disadvantages for others.

  • Building alliances across differences so that we can work together to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

Click here to download the Together We Stand Initiative.


The logo was designed by Tyrone Irby and Brian Schmidt of BJS Designs LLC; If you are interested in joining us, shirts will be $15 per shirt.  We will donate $5 per shirt to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.

Our social media protest will be for each of you to wear this shirt on July 17, 2020 (the six-year anniversary of Eric Garner’s death).  Take a picture of yourself in the shirt and post on all your social media channels with a PERSONAL message about social and racial injustice.  In addition, send me a copy of the picture. 

The next day, we will create a short video of all your pictures and post the video on our social media accounts. (@togetherwestandnc).

TWS Shirts are SOLD OUT!  Thank you for your support.  Follow us (instagram)  @togetherwestandnc for our first event in Durham. We will have shirts available for sale at the event.

Thank you for your consideration.  Together We Stand!

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