By Tyrone T. Irby


As racial tensions mount across America, businesses small and large are looking to change course and direction and improve relationships with the black communities they seek to “impact.” Social media posts and full-page newspaper ads have all expressed “outrage” at the violence inflicted upon black Americans lately and they all seek to provide calls for action. The question for most black Americans that are watching (and they are watching): what is the definition of these “calls to action”? The following are seven action steps that can positively change the culture of a company.  Click here to read the entire article.



By Tyrone Irby


How do you develop a culture of diversity and inclusion at your business? How do you create behavioral change and cultivate a safe and respectful environment? A successful organization must recruit and hire employees with diverse characteristics, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to realize its full potential. Diversity and inclusion ensure the organization benefits from a broad base of ideas and solutions that best serves customers and their expectations. It is important that ALL employees and leaders have the character to accept persons that do not look like you, think like you, talk like you, or act like you. Click here to read the entire article.



By Kirsten Overdahl


My name is Kirsten. I am a white, 27-year-old doctoral candidate at Duke University. For three years I have worked with Tyrone as a client and training partner. I consider myself educated, knowledgeable, and active about social and environmental justice: I read voraciously, I follow the news, I attend seminars and webinars, and I discuss with others. The weeks following George Floyd’s murder were therefore a brutal wake-up to the reality that my engagement with justice has always been one of privilege, and that I know extraordinarily little. Click here to read the entire article.

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