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The logo was designed by TWS founder Tyrone Irby and Brian Schmidt of BJS Designs LLC; If you are interested in joining us, shirts are $18 per shirt (including shipping).  We will donate $5 per shirt to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice located in Durham, North Carolina.


Our social media protest will be for each of you to wear this shirt on July 17, 2020 (the six-year anniversary of Eric Garner’s death). Take a picture of yourself in the shirt and post on all your social media channels with a PERSONAL message about social and racial injustice. In addition, send us a copy of the picture.


The next day, we will create a short video of all your pictures and post the video on our social media accounts.


The shirts are a unisex Primease soft tee. Sizes available currently are  S,  L, XL.   Please choose your size.  Thanks for your support.

2020 TWS TEE (with USA shipping)

  • The only sizes currently available are S, L, XL.  We only have 30 shirts available.

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